Power Engineering, High and Low Voltage Maintenance and Technical Services

IETS has been serving customers throughout the northeast since 1997.  Our Field Service Engineers average in excess of 20 years of experience in the power transformer, substation and electrical services industry performing high and low voltage testing and maintenance, repairs, installations, acceptability commissioning, project management, and engineering design.  Combined with our information and proficiency on all manufacturers' equipment, IETS can provide the personnel, methods, and equipment to meet the most demanding customer requirements in an efficient and high-quality manner. more»

Transformer Services IETS can
provide skilled and trained engineers and technicians to meet your maintenance, service and ... more»

High Voltage Substations/High Yard One of our strengths is in the maintenance, upgrade and repair of High Voltage Substation/High Yard equipment... more»

Low Voltage Substation/ Switchgear
IETS performs maintenance contracts for
several large manufacturing and power generation facilities...more»

Circuit Breaker Facility IETS engineers can provide, upgrade or modify any of the
power system needs you may have...

Power System Engineering
IETS engineers can provide, upgrade or
modify any of the power system needs you
may have...  more»

Project Management We can provide solutions to your power project needs.
From "greenfield" hi-yard substations to...

Safety & Training IETS Provides electrical safety training to several of our customers. 
This training can be held at the customer's
site and... more»

PCB Services Many plants still find themselves with PCB equipment they need to dispose of.  IETS field service engineers are trained in the proper OSHA Hazwopper/ EPA regulations and procedures.